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Thanks, Luview, for this giveaway! I am pretty sure the winners will be so happy with their products once everything goes to their homes. And thanks to Andrea for facilitating this giveaway :)

Here’s to 2012~! I am looking forward to great product reviews from the Luview angels.


Some girls are just too lucky with Random Name pickers such as the Fruit Machine~♥

I want to sincerely thank everyone who have joined the Worldwide Giveaway. There will be more events in the future and I do hope to see you guys there again!


1. I have checked all…

Wheee~! Another awesome giveaway. This time from Erika Jjang and Kikay Si Maria :) Check out the details on Erika’s blog. Don’t forget to follow the instructions carefully ;)


2012 NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY brought to you by Kikaysimaria & yours truly~ :D This is our first time to have a collaboration :) And we want you guys to start the new year with awesome items from our sponsors Elicina Philippines, RK Manila, Elswear, Suesh and Red Jhelli SHop.

Here are the prizes:

Prize A: Suesh Portable 3-way Led Lighted Mirror worth Php 8,000!

 *He/She will have to pick up the prizes at any Suesh Outlet of your choice- in Suesh Wilson near Greenhills, Suesh Trinoma Mall or Suesh Alabang Town center.

Prize B:

  • red jhelli contact lenses of your choice
  • elswear bangs/apparel
  • rk manila accessories

1st name to appear in will choose which of the two prizes he or she will pick.

There will also be a SURPRISE gift coming from Elicina Philippines :D

Win and follow these simple mechanics:

  1. Open to all followers of my blog.
  2. Must like/reply/re-blog as much as you can, the more re-blogs the more entries, the better chances of winning.
  3. Must message me via Tumblr Ask their facebook name, email add & home address (please do not ‘reply’ your address on this photo for safety purposes click the ‘Got any questions? ASK HERE’ button found on my page).
  4. Should like our sponsor’s fan pages: Elicina Philippines, RK Manila, ElswearSuesh and Red Jhelli Shop. And like Kikaysimaria’s fan page too!
  5. Open to all residents of the Philippines.

Additional Entries:

Easy right? :D This Giveaway will end on January 4 2012! Do follow the mechanics! Failure to do so will disqualify your entries.

Erika’s Weather Forecast: Hope you guys participate! Advanced Happy New YEAR!

Definitely reblogging this event for everyone! One of the brands I’ve been using a lot these days is Luview. I even posted about the products of Luview on my blog. I first read about Luview from Shimmerjjang Andhie, someone I met through Tumblr. :) She’s one of the friendly people I met through blogging, aside from dear Karen. Check out her blog for posts about various makeup and skin care products, especially Korean brands like Luview! She happens to be the Power Angel here in the Philippines. Luview calls their fans as their angels (how cute and so sweet!) and to be a power angel means that they’re spreading more information to others about the brand.

In any case, check out her blog for details of Luview’s Mega Giveaway which is happening right now until December 25. Perfect for the holidays, isn’t it? For each country where Luview has Power Angels, there will be 5 different winners of their giveaway. ^_^

For details, click the link above or head to Shimmerjjang Andhie's blog. Good luck~!


Kyaaa~I am glad to announce that there will be a Worldwide Mega Giveaway Event from LUVIEW Cosmetics Korea again!! And this time, it’s gonna be very big! A total of 130 products plus 65 LUVIEW Angel shirts are going to be given away! Amazing ne?

Aside from their wonderful products, you’ll…

Up for grabs is a Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Palette! Details are all on the blog entry page. So click the link above or click this to view them.

Her blog features reviews on Benefit’s products, plus a guide on how to spot fake ones! Gosh, definitely following this blog because of that. I’m one of the people who want to try out Benefit’s products but because they’re expensive here, I don’t wanna get duped in case I try to buy online, etc.

Do check it out! Her giveaway is open internationally. :)

Click the link above to see the original post from Andhie!


Hello everyone! If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you might be already familiar of the Korean brand THE SKIN SHOP. I’m one of the first set of people whom they have chosen to try their products, so I’ve already experienced how great they are. They’ve actually got some of The best…

Love Korean cosmetics? Check out THE SKIN SHOP’s event on Facebook. Thanks to Andhie for sharing to us the details of this event.

As seen from Andhie’s blog, here are the details (but you could also click the link, if you want!):



1st step : Tell all of your friends about this event. Share this post on Facebook, Tweet or Reblog. (For Non-tumblr users, you have to share this post on Facebook and then tag @Shimmerjjang Andhie and @The Skin Shop)

2nd step : Put: “Shimmerjjang sent me!” then leave a touching and impressive story why you are falling in love with THE SKIN SHOP on THE SKIN SHOP fanpage wall.

3rd step : Share your story with your friends to get the most comments. The criteria will not be based on the number of likes, but based on the number of comments, plus the creativity of the story you posted. (Andhie will comment on the post).

Want to know more about The Skin Shop’s BB Creams? Andhie has a bunch of reviews on her Tumblr, tagged The Skin Shop. Beauty bloggerMarge Tan of Kikay Trekkie also has reviews on The Skin Shop’s BB creams. They both wrote about these products in detail and I can’t help but want to try them too! I want to try two BB creams in particular: The Premium Secret BB Cream and the Iris Color Control BB Cream.

Good luck to those who will join and please don’t forget to do the necessary steps in joining! Hope to see your posts on The Skin Shop’s Facebook page soon.

contest details on the picture!


Everyone! 여러분!みんな! After LUVIEW’s previous 1004 Angels event, they still have another Giveaway up on line!

Today, I just got an email from LUVIEW Cosmetics Korea and I am just so dead excited to share you guys what’s up for the next event~LUVIEW never gets tired of making its Angels…

Time to think of a great way to show LUVIEW that I am a fan! ♥ Prizes include their cosmetics and shirts which they just shared recently. Almost all the fans who responded to the FaceBook update on the LUVIEW page said they like design C the most. But I love design B and it would be cute on a bag too. Anyway, another thing for the raffle is that you shouldn’t forget to answer the question: What does 2030 mean?


Hello my lovely readers~! Last time, I had my giveaway sponsored by LUVIEW and 5 lucky winners were announced last week. Did you guys join but didn’t get the chance to get picked? Well, it’s so so soooo okay!!! Don’t worry, because my ever generous sponsor, LUVIEW COSMETICS KOREA is having another…

This one is an international giveaway from LUVIEW. :) Thanks to Shimmerjjang Andhie for sharing this one. You have to “Like” LUVIEW’s FaceBook fan page and post your answers on their event page. Check out the details on Andhie’s blog by clicking the link above. Good luck!