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Bee’s first giveaway!

I stumbled upon Bee’s first giveaway when I was looking for reviews of Human Nature's lip balms.  Anyway, the giveaway is only up to 12 noon today so I hope that you will all see this post to get a chance to win lots of great prizes including Human Nature's lip balms, shampoo and conditioner and some Ellana goods as well!

Good luck to those who will join! 

Not one but two holiday giveaways from Kikay si Maria!

First up: Kikay Si Maria x Asian Vogue Shop

If you love shoes and think about how magical they are, share your thoughts and get a chance to win 1,000 pesos worth of gift certificates from Asian Vogue Shop.

The second part of her giveaway is a collaboration between Kikay Si Maria and Erika Jjang. The prize packages are as follows:
Package A: Suesh Portable 3-way LED Lighted Mirror worth Php 8,000
Package B: Red Jhelli contact lenses, Elswear bangs/apparel, RK Manila accessories plus a surprise gift from Elicina Philippines. :)

So what are you waiting for? Join their giveaways now!

There are so many giveaways and some of them are ending on Christmas day! Check out more giveaways from local bloggers

Sugar Sugar’s Christmas giveaway

Prizes include:
- Benefit Posietint (Full Size)
- Paul & Joe Travel (Brush) Bag
- Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation S in 30 (Deluxe Sample Size)
- Paul & Joe Light Cleansing Milk N (Deluxe Sample Size)
- My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest and Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask.
- Will include a bunch of samples too

How awesome is that? :) Also, check out her reviews. She’s got Etude House product reviews too! And so much more, actually. Why do you think I keep coming back to her blog? ;) Click the link above for the details on how to join her wonderful giveaway.

The lovely Bec San Diego of My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks also has an on-going giveaway which I know some of my friends would really love because there are NARS products included! There will be three winners. One will get the NARS products, another will get the IWhite set and another will get a set of Nivea lip care products (perfect for those with chapped lips!)

Bec is holding a giveaway on her blog because it’s on its second year (and counting!) so please drop by and congratulate her for that ;)

And lastly, check out Mich Bugante’s Christmas giveaway. I saw Mich’s blog because I was looking for posts about coral lippies. I love her outfit posts so I kept coming back for more posts on her blog. Anyway, prizes from Mich include a bunch of Nivea lip care products, a Forever 21 GC, an ArtBlanc notebook (something I really want!), Tony Moly nail lacquers and a hand spray from Snoe.

Good luck to all of you who will join these giveaways! :) Hope you girls win! These are really wonderful giveaways to these ladies that I follow on the internet. Good luck and happy holidays ♥

Ever heard of Wish Trend? They’re a Korean company who wants to bring skin care, makeup and fashion accessories to anyone in the whole world. They have products from brands that I’ve never heard of in Manila like Roju Kiss, Liz K, Ciracle. They sometimes have deals (which I want to avail one of these days) where you see sets being sold for less than 30 USD. One thing I love about their site is that they feature blind tests. Blind tests are product tests which have bloggers as participants and they do not know the brands of the products they are testing. Kim Tan from Test and Share was the one who first told me about Wish Trend and their blind tests.

Right now Wish Trend is conducting a giveaway for its fans and customers. You just need to fill up a survey and they will count it as an entry. They will draw 3 winners of Namzia pouches and Liz K veiling cream. The Namzia pouch is really cute! I am sure you’d want to check it out!

For more details, check out Wish Trend’s blog entry and fill up the survey form. It won’t take much of your time. And who knows? You might win the Wish Box ;)

If you like ELF products, check out this giveaway by clicking the link above. It helps if you have a Facebook and Twitter account so you could easily follow the instructions.

Prizes include the following:
ELF Brightening Eye Liner in Black
ELF Brightening Eye Liner in Ash
ELF Liquid Eye Liner in Coffee
ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF15 in Angel
ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF15 in Mauve Luxe
ELF Blush, Bronzing & Blending Brush
ELF Brightening Eye Color in Blue Moon
ELF Brightening Eye Color in Ethereal

Good luck to everyone who will join! :)

Thanks to Chic Sassy Mom for having a really cool giveaway for her readers/followers. In cooperation with Skin Food Philippines, Chic Sassy Mom will have Skin Food’s Gold Kiwi trial kits available to her readers. (If you’re following me on my Facebook page, you would’ve seen this by now.) Isn’t that fabulous or what? No purchase required even! (I got my own voucher in my email inbox already actually.) And if you’re a blogger, she’s got a little giveaway for us too. ;) It’s really simple:

Mandatory Entries: + 5 Raffle Entries
  1. Make a blog post about the SkinFood Gold Kiwi Gift Sets giveaway.
  2. Share your blog post entry on your personal/fan FB page status with mention to @Chic & Sassy Homemaker.
  3. Please leave a comment on this post that you’re joining.
If you got a little confused, just head on to her blog post about the Skin Food bloggers giveaway and join by December 14. It’s just a couple of days away but it won’t take a lot of time to post a little something, right? ;) So hurry up and click the link above or, this link for details and clarifications you might have. Have fun and enjoy the treats from Skin Food! PS: This is only for bloggers residing in the Philippines. :)

If you’re a fan of Missha products, check out this giveaway from Frozen Blossoms. Click the link above to get the details. She’s giving away mili lip palettes, sheet masks and trial sizes of various Missha products. I think I’ve shared this on my Facebook page before but I’d like to post about it again so you could see more pre-holiday giveaways from the bloggers that I follow these days.

As with most bloggers I follow, they talk a lot about Korean skin care and makeup products. Check out Senzy’s blog and learn more about them. She also talks about other non-Korean brands so watch out for her posts which also act as reviews. ;)

One of the local bloggers, Chic Sassy Mom is having a giveaway to her subscribers. If you are a fan of Skin Food, check out their Gold Kiwi line through the trial kits that they are giving away through Chic Sassy Mom’s blog. Just follow the simple instructions and you will receive your voucher from her.

Chic Sassy Mom talks about a lot of skin care and makeup products as well as food! If you like all three, then it’s time to check out her blog.

Please note that this giveaway is open to Philippine residents, 13 years old and up, with valid email address, and access to Skin Food branches. Last day to register is December 23, 2011.


Click to join! :D

Love what you see in this picture? That’s what Anna is giving away on her blog. Check out Anna’s giveaway~! Only for readers who are based in the Philippines. Click it to see the details. Good luck!

Whoa~! This is a really cool giveaway because aside from having Human Nature products, there are also Bare Minerals products. Nice~!

I just learned about this from some of the folks here on Tumblr and also on Facebook. In any case, My Kiss & Makeup is an interesting makeup blog. Definitely something to read and look forward to on my Blogger dashboard. :D (Yeah, I also have a blogger account but that’s for blogs I follow, as well as my other blogs.)