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I’ve been using Lioele’s Pop Pinky Tint on my cheeks more often. As I’ve mentioned before, my lips still look pale with that on my lips. I’ve posted about my previous experience with this product on this post about experimenting with Lioele’s Pop Pinky Tint. But Kirsty asked me last night about how it performs as a lip tint. I couldn’t really say because I’ve always thought of it as something too pale. So I tried it on again today, just so I could compare my experience then and now. What I did was wear at least two layers of it compared to the one layer of it before. I guess that’s one thing I noticed about lip gloss and lip stains. Sometimes it takes quite a bit more of the product for it to become obvious. I like the color of it when I used more than one layer. It is really more obvious. Without it, my lips look totally lifeless. And it does give a more polished look. To think that I already had Lioele Blooming Pop Tint on my cheeks, it wasn’t that obvious without the slight pink on my lips. I think that I might use it on my lips again but I’d have to apply a clear lip balm on it so that my easily chapped lips won’t suffer a lot. At least there’s a new option for me when it comes to lip color, especially for everyday wear. This could be a nice thing to alternate with my Etude House Peach Water Gloss and Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Tint. It’s definitely more long-wearing than the Peach Water Gloss but not as long-lasting as the Berry Berry Magic Tint. Overall, I think that this product is worth every peso I spent for it. :) For a better view of the images, click on any of them so you could view them in full size, more or less.