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Just because I want a quiet life. :) Will not delete the old posts though ^^; I just feel like it’s a hassle to some folks who have linked to a review or two of some products I tried. Thanks for reading my posts, you know whoever you are. Thanks to all the new people I’ve interacted with, etc.

Happy new year! Hope you have a great life in 2012! 

Yesterday we went to Bulacan because it was Christmas.  We had a wonderful feast for lunch and we had some fun and games. I think that my mom’s side of the family has an addiction to bingo during special occasions like the town fiesta, birthdays and of course, Christmas.

So we had some time of taking pictures.  I really don’t feel comfortable about having my picture taken for so many reasons:

  1. I am huge. Like seriously. ~_~ Doctor said I should lose weight. So 2012 will be all about that. My friends say I still look fine. But really. I am huge. I love my friends to bits for not being harsh. It’s just that I am realistic.
  2. I don’t know how to smile properly. For some reason, most of my pictures show my ‘derpy’ side. Bah.  That or I have my eyes closed. Argh.
  3. My face is lopsided. Uh, in Filipino, medyo tagilid yung mukha ko. As my boyfriend says, it’s fine considering I recovered from Bell’s Palsy some years ago.
  4. I just feel so self-conscious because of the 3 given reasons earlier.

I know it’s ironic because I’ve been chronicling what I do in order to look better, to take care of my skin, etc.  That’s why review pictures take so much effort in my case. I don’t know how to take a picture of myself, especially my face.  I am more comfortable with taking pictures of swatches of products on my hand, etc. When it comes to details, I am fine with noting them down.  But pictures of my face are another matter.

A lot of beauty bloggers post their FOTD. I don’t. For one thing, I wear really simple makeup. It’s the no makeup look, or something like that haha.  Just enough to cover the blemishes, make my skin less dull (thanks to bb creams!), make my lips look less dead and enough to make my eyes more visible.  I don’t party so I don’t have party looks to share either.  I’ve got issues, don’t I? Well, who doesn’t? 

These issues are stuff I have been dealing with for years now.  I guess the makeup helps me especially when I need to go out and meet people (for whatever reason like gatherings or meetings). Normally I don’t even bother putting on anything but lip balm.

And I guess that’s why I started this blog.  I need to figure out what to do about how I look and present myself better.   Admittedly, there are tutorials on how to make the wonky eye look like they’re aligned and because it involves using eyeshadow, I haven’t been really practicing those looks because eye shadow is just so hard for me to do. I think I look like I have bruises on my eyes when I do put them on.

So this coming year, I have some resolutions to make. Some of them are:

  1. Massage my face regularly. I have to look for my massager but I really need it because the right side’s facial muscles have been so tense again. It’s part of the reason why I have a lopsided face.
  2. Lose weight. Doctor’s orders. Can’t do anything about that, right? XD
  3. Practice how to smile. And hold it. Because I don’t want derpy pictures.
  4. Shop for new clothes. New clothes to help me look good and feel good.
  5. Keep on practicing the regimen I already have. And/or improve that.  I think it’s been working for me.
  6. More importantly, I need to really love myself more.  It’s hard when you hear relatives asking you why the heck you weigh so much, etc. But really, it’s one of the first steps to becoming more confident. At least that’s what I think.

This blog will more or less be a record of these things in the coming months. Hope you’d keep me company in this journey. :)

I forgot to post about about a giveaway from Kikay Trekkie. I think that my cramming for a formal event didn’t really help me in remembering stuff like that. ~_~ Graaah.

But now that the event is over, I am now sorta back to normal. :) I have yet to post about other stuff I’ve tried out and brands that I love. There’s a draft I want to post within the day because it’s been on my dashboard for quite some time now. Lol.

I don’t always go out wearing makeup. But when I do it’s usually like this:
1. Nature Republic oil control mist sprayed all over my face
2. Luview Aqua Essence bb cream spread all over my face
3. Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder #23 to set the bb cream
4. Etude House Drawing Eyebrow to fill in the gaps
5. K-palette liquid eyeliner on the upper lashline, never reaching the corners of my eyes, no wing-styled lining
6. Nichido Girls Night Out white eyeliner on the lower lashline and waterline
7. Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume’xpress Mascara on the upper lashes
8. Human Heart Nature Love Minerals blush in Petal Bloom on my cheeks OR Lioele’s Blooming Pop Pinky Tint on my cheeks
9. Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Tint #1 on my lips
10. Luview Glossy Kiss on my lips

For the powder and blush, I usually use my kabuki brush. :) It’s so easy to use and it covers big areas on my face quickly!

I choose my blush depending on what I am wearing. If it’s something very casual (like a simple tee), I use the Lioele Blooming Pop Pinky Tint. When it’s dressier, I pick the Love Minerals blush. I think it’s because the Lioele looks more like a cute faint blush. :)

I have some lipsticks here. Sometimes I use them too. But like the blush, it depends on how dressy my clothes are. Or if I know that I will find it a hassle to do touch-ups especially when it comes to lipstick, I end up with the Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Tint because the pink color simply stays. :)

Now that I’ve listed down my makeup stuff, I realize that it’s a whole lot of stuff! For my eyes alone I use 4 products. O_o And I don’t even use eyeshadow much at this rate. If you notice, I don’t line my lower lashline except with white eyeliner and I don’t use mascara on it either. Why? Because my eyes easily water. I just want to avoid raccoon eyes.

Just curious: What’s your makeup routine?

I have only started getting really conscious about my skin and how I look some time in June/July 2011. After that, I became hooked on to Korean brands mainly but it doesn’t mean I don’t use others. :) Here’s a list of brands that I have come to trust

Etude House
Tony Moly
Skin Food
Human Nature/Human Heart Nature

But let me talk about Etude House first. :)

I realize that my first skin care sets came from Etude House. My friend Renee brought me to their stall in SM Makati’s Watson’s to show me that there’s a lot of good stuff. She recommended the Mini Size U line for me because I was concerned about my oily skin and my large pores. Despite the small bottles from the set, they’re still with me, halfway done. Except for the toner — I had to get a big bottle of it. From that time, I have been going to Etude House’s stall and boutiques to try out their makeup and stuff. I got hooked! I actually am about to finish my bottle of their Mini Size U toner but the SA in the counter of SM Makati said that they have no stocks of that. I also asked about the Wonder Pore Freshener. Thankfully, Joeanne of The Little Cool Shop was able to get me Wonder Pore Freshener so I will use that instead.

Why I use Etude House products? Their products don’t irritate my skin, they have such cute packaging and they are affordable. They don’t have the cheapest skin care and makeup products but they are quite good so I guess it balances out? ;) They also have gifts with purchase to their customers. For a certain amount of purchase, you could get a sample of their latest products or something cute like a bookmark or pouch. If you end up liking the sample of their product, you’d come back to their store and buy it in full size.

Etude House is very popular in the Philippines. I guess it’s because of the combination of their products’ good effects, their marketing strategies and their loyal fans who spread the word. Being active in their Facebook fan page, I see how everyone is sharing his/her experiences. I have been seeing haul posts, reviews, tips and pictures of them using the products. It’s really a good thing for me to see.

Not everything is perfect with my Etude House experience. But it could be me, not really their products. After all, every person has his/her quirks and other personal stuff that may affect how the product performs. One of the best examples of this is the Etude House Proof 10 eyeliner. I got one because I wanted something smudge-proof and soft. However, I think that my eyelids were really just too oily for the eyeliner. And I have been too clumsy. The form factor of the auto-liner/twist the pencil thing doesn’t work well with me. After a few drops of the pencil, it was practically gone because it was that soft. Another example is the Aloha TwoTwo Kiss. I love the colors of the tint and gloss. However, the form factor doesn’t really work well with me either. :( It’s a big fat pencil and sharpening it seems to waste the products at the two ends. That’s why I haven’t been using it as often as I wish. But as I said earlier, some things work better with others. Some don’t. And if I think about it, the overall experience I have with the brand is good. :) If I list down my Etude House products, there’s quite a lot already. XD Well, to me, this is a lot already.

Skin care products:
Etude House skin care products
From left to right: Wonder Pore Freshener, Mini Size U Toner, Mini Size U Serum, Mini Size U Emulsion

Etude House makeup
From left to right: Peach Water Gloss #5 (Peach Milk), Aloha TwoTwo Kiss #4 (Honolulu Red Shine), Look At My Lips #9 (Paparazzi Coral), Petit Darling Eyes Matte #4 (Charcoal), Proof 10 eye primer, Drawing Eye Brow #1 (Dark Brown)
Two of the products there are because of Karen, who influenced me. Lol. I was looking for coraly lippies and she recommended the Look At My Lips #9. When she blogged about the Peach Water Gloss, I got influenced to buy it too.

Nail Polish:
Etude House nail polish
From left to right: Petit Darling Nails BR309, Petit Darling Nails BL 501, Petite Darling Nails MATTE #3 Purple Milky Way
I was never into painting my nails until recently. I think seeing the pretty colors on my co-workers and friends’ nails got me wanting to do this.

Gifts With Purchase:
Etude House GWP
From left to right: Pomegranate mask, Missing U penguin container, Silk Scarf shampoo.

The Proof 10 Eyeliner is gone that’s why it’s no longer here. I am not sure where I put my bookmarks, but I already have two of them. Etude House is great when it comes to GWPs, I think. Compared to other shops where the minimum should be 1000 pesos sometimes, at least their customers who don’t have that much to spend would still get something really nice as a thank you and as enticement to come back next time.

Another enticing thing about Etude House is that you could get points using your Pink Card. Aside from the points, you could get a 2% rebate, event invites or something similar. It’s really great because the promos are rather fun :) And this November 11, there’s going to be a treat for Pink Card holders from Tous Les Jours, according to the Etude House Facebook page.

And lastly, I think that I will forever associate Etude House with meeting new online friends like Karen. :) Through the fan page and the blogs, I’ve gained new friends and acquaintances, albeit online only. But it’s really fun! From skin care and makeup, we get to talk about other things too like music and even personal stuff. It’s good experience, I think. :)

I’ve been using Lioele’s Pop Pinky Tint on my cheeks more often. As I’ve mentioned before, my lips still look pale with that on my lips. I’ve posted about my previous experience with this product on this post about experimenting with Lioele’s Pop Pinky Tint. But Kirsty asked me last night about how it performs as a lip tint. I couldn’t really say because I’ve always thought of it as something too pale. So I tried it on again today, just so I could compare my experience then and now. What I did was wear at least two layers of it compared to the one layer of it before. I guess that’s one thing I noticed about lip gloss and lip stains. Sometimes it takes quite a bit more of the product for it to become obvious. I like the color of it when I used more than one layer. It is really more obvious. Without it, my lips look totally lifeless. And it does give a more polished look. To think that I already had Lioele Blooming Pop Tint on my cheeks, it wasn’t that obvious without the slight pink on my lips. I think that I might use it on my lips again but I’d have to apply a clear lip balm on it so that my easily chapped lips won’t suffer a lot. At least there’s a new option for me when it comes to lip color, especially for everyday wear. This could be a nice thing to alternate with my Etude House Peach Water Gloss and Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Tint. It’s definitely more long-wearing than the Peach Water Gloss but not as long-lasting as the Berry Berry Magic Tint. Overall, I think that this product is worth every peso I spent for it. :) For a better view of the images, click on any of them so you could view them in full size, more or less.

Haha. No pictures for now. But yeah, I did. XD

And I am bringing along my makeup kit. Why? My good friend Shaney will teach me more on how to put on makeup ^^ It’s one of those things I asked her to help me out with even before. I don’t always tell my friends that I enjoy this process of putting on makeup nowadays because I have been such a tomboy. ^^;;;; Always wearing jeans and a t-shirt, that’s me. And even during the times I wear other things (like on special occasions), I don’t wear any makeup on my face. Well, just lip gloss when I wasn’t lazy.

So what are the stuff that will be going in my check-in luggage:
The Face Shop Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover (Because the wonderful Marge Tan did recommend this for trips! Check out her review of The Face Shop Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover.)
Elf Eyeshadow Quad in Mauve
Tony Moly Party Lover Eyebrow Pencil #4
Etude House Petit Darling Eyes in Charcoal
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’Express Cat Eye Mascara
Etude House Look At My Lips #9
Tony Moly Berry Lovely Slim Lipstick (pink)
Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Concealer #3
Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Tint #1
Human Heart Nature Lip Balm in Watermelon
Human Heart Nature Blush in Petal Bloom
Skin Food Peach Sake BB Cream #2
Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder #23
Etude House Mini Size U Toner
Etude House Mini Size U Emulsion
kabuki brush
angled eyeliner brush
lip brush

Other stuff:
shampoo (Sunsilk)
soap (Vaseline)
Nivea Sun Sunblock (for face, for body)
Celeteque Cleanser

A lot of these things haven’t been reviewed by myself ^^;; Ahehe. Sorry for that. But yeah, will try to remedy that soon. I hope I won’t forget anything. What are your travel essentials?

When I am on my trip, I will try to keep you updated especially when it comes to beauty finds and stuff. :)

is love. ♥

I attended a wedding in Tagaytay today. Two of my friends got married. (Again! Hahaha. More like it’s their second wedding ceremony and celebration. The first one was in the guy’s homeland and now here in the girl’s homeland. :) They looked so happy to celebrate with the family and friends they have here (and those who flew here).

And I also saw my other friends. They look so wonderful and healthy and in love. :) Some of them are married already, so yeah haha. But it’s really great to see how their relationships are letting them grow into even more beautiful people. I love them all. ♥

I was also talking about stuff with my boyfriend on the way home. It just makes me see that I also need to love myself a little bit more so I won’t lose confidence. We were talking about our younger days and how pressure from other people, school, etc. affected us and how we perceive ourselves. We both acknowledge that sometimes we end up competing too much with others and it makes us blind to our own good points. So the takeaway from that talk is that one should love himself/herself but not to the point of becoming conceited. That kind of love for yourself brings you to the point of accepting your strengths and weaknesses and opens up a whole new world for you.

It’s not always easy to love one’s self especially when a lot of people have put you down. So I guess when the going gets so tough, remind yourself that you’re surrounded by good people who love you for who you are. And if they could love you, why couldn’t you love yourself? Why don’t you let all that love become something like a positive energy that will help you overcome your fears and doubts? I also think that when you share love with your friends, family and/or partner, there’s just this wonderful thing that happens and you become a better version of you.

I know a lot of people have written their reviews about Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tints. One of the more recent ones I’ve seen is by Kikay Trekkie, Marge Tan. This is her review of Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint #3.

My current favorite lip tint!

A quick background about how I came to buying this product:
I had a sample of Tony Tint from the time I bought their bb cream and a lipstick (which I have yet to review!) and as I was using it, I thought it looked too red on me. I went to the SM Fairview boutique and one of the SAs recommended this product. I tested it on my hand and liked the color so I got hooked!

The review proper:
It’s really obvious that your lips have color. It’s a reddish pink tint on my lips. It is what attracted me to it. It makes your lips look so pretty and not quite totally made-up, if you know what I mean. And the nice thing is that the color stays on my lips for long. :)
Rating: 5/5

There is a mild strawberry scent. I don’t mind it. And it goes away after some time. (Or maybe I get immune? Haha!) Other people might mind it though.
Rating: 4/5

This is a winner for me. I put it on my lips in the morning (before I leave for work) and it’s there until the afternoon. Sometimes I apply it again on my lips after lunch because it’s a little fainter than what it looks like in the morning. But it’s really still quite noticeable even if I don’t put on another layer. My co-workers have noticed it already and they are amazed at how great this tint it.
Rating: 5/5

It’s in a little plastic tub that looks simple. It’s not very cutesy, which is fine with me. (I love cute stuff but when it comes to cosmetics, I don’t mind if the packaging is more functional than stylish.) You could easily see how much product you still have because the main container is clear. The cap is secure so this never opens by itself. But being in a tub, you need a lip brush to apply this on your lips. Or you can use your finger but your finger will be quite pink. :P Well, and using your finger to apply this isn’t as precise. It’s a bit of a hassle that way. Also, it makes me paranoid that I am exposing the tint to air-borne germs. But I still like this product despite that.
Rating: 3/5

Another thing I love this tint is that it doesn’t dry my lips! I prefer it over Chapstick because of that. But when it’s really cold in the office sometimes my lips easily chap compared to other days so I end up reapplying this earlier than usual. That or I use a clear lip balm. (I use the one by Human Nature now.)
Rating: 4/5

I use Maybelline’s eye and lip makeup remover for this. You’d see how pink it is on the cotton if you tried. However, removing it is not as quick XDDD Yeah, I guess you could see how long lasting this is!
Rating: 4/5

I bought this for PhP198 or roughly US Dollar 4.55 in a local Tony Moly boutique. I think that the price is decent because a little of this product goes a long way and it’s been two and a half months since I started using it and there’s still so much more.

See? There’s a whole lot of product!

I am not sure how long it would take before I finish off the tub but I know that I won’t finish it even within the next 4 months. And there’s a chance that I will buy this again but it’s either tint #2 or #3.
Rating: 5/5


  • Pigment: 5/5
  • Scent: 4/5
  • Wear: 5/5
  • Packaging: 3/5
  • Moisture: 4/5
  • Removal: 4/5
  • Price: 5/5

Average Rating: 4.3/5

With that, I say that this product is pretty good. It’s almost perfect for me. :) I can’t help but write something like this because it’s one of the products I can’t leave at home. It’s that wonderful! I usually go for natural looking makeup and this doesn’t have a thick consistency like lipstick because it’s just a tint. So if you want something that doesn’t dry your lips while it gives a great color, I think this is one product that you should definitely try. And make sure you get a lip brush to make applying it on your lips easier and more precise.